Time for a Website Makeover

Time for a Change

I got my original website started in the beginning of grad school (circa 2007), with great help from a college friend. As this one, it was static, but relied directly on CSS and HTML, with no real page generator in the sense of Jekyll or Hugo. It’s been great for me - serving as a place to link other projects I’ve developed; for example, a QGIS tutorial I wrote for a workshop, and materials from a GIS/Spatial Analysis course I taught as a postdoc. (as you’ll notice, I’ve learned my lesson about needing responsive webpages, esp. with the latter example, but that site still serves to get information across and gets a fair number of hits, so I leave it up, unaltered at this point).

Times have changed and while I previously edited raw HTML to make all edits to my website, great tools have come online, making life a lot easier (I think/hope; at the very least, it’s a lot easier to make a nicer looking website). I’ve made some minor changes in the last few years, adding link with icons to twitter, github,and other accounts, and transitioned from a university-based page to github pages, but nothing really new in terms of aesthetics. Thus, here we go. I’ll try to document how I did this in the next couple of weeks, at least coarsely, and note some key challenges/lessons learned. (Spoiler Alert: I used Blogdown)