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Current Work

My current work is broadly focused on using statistical and and GIS tools to inform conservation efforts. Working for the Cities program with The Nature Conservancy in New York, I use available remote sensing data and GIS datasets to characterize dynamics of open space and green space (e.g., tree canopy, green roofs). I primarily work to understand how these assets are distributed across NYC (e.g., are they equitably distributed), how they are changing through time, what types of benefits they are providing (and to whom), and how they can be better distributed or increased to improve the environment in NY for both people and biodiversity. I also work with partners and colleagues to communicate this work to various audiences.

Of note, I collaborated with partners to develop a dataset representing green roofs in NYC as of 2016. A peer reviewed manuscript is underway, describing methods and some conclusions, though the data are available here. An update for this dataset is also underway. I am also working on a large body of collaborative research and analysis about the state of the urban forest of New York City.

Postdoc Research

My main research at the University of Tulsa was focused on understanding how life history traits of amphibians may play into effects of climate change. I also worked with a student on understanding the potential changes of Juniper trees across the continental U.S., and was involved in processing LiDAR data for researchers across the state.

Dissertation Research

My dissertation research focused on the endagered arroyo toad (Anaxyrus californicus), endemic to southern California, USA, and northern Baja California, MX. I studied how the species' distribution may have changed in a portion of its range, and how alterations to land cover patterns are influencing such changes. In this research I used a combination of presence-only and presence/absence species distribution modeling approaches, remote sensing and landscape analysis techniques, and path analysis to understand how watershed-scale changes are influencing habitat critical for arroyo toads, in and along streams.

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Masters Research

My Masters research was focused on the St. Croix Ground Lizard (Ameiva polops), an endangered lizard that is endemic to St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. The species is extirpated from the main island of St. Croix due to predation by invasive mongooses, and remains on small islands off the coast of St. Croix. With the National Park Service and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service we translocated the species from Green Cay National Wildlife Refuge to Buck Island Reef National Monument. The St. Croix Ground Lizard was presumably present there until the arrival of mongooses, which were eradicated there by the mid 1990s.

We translocated 57 lizards and housed them on Buck Island in a series of 10m x 10m open enclosures (at a density of 700/hectare). The lizards were released to the rest of the island after 9 weeks. The period during which they were enclosed was used to determine detection probability of the species, and to assess the impact of their presence on their invertebrate prey base.

Click Here to view my full thesis as a PDF and see below for relevant publications.

Earlier work

Invasion of Anolis sagrei on St. Vincent, West Indies

During a Research Experience for Undergraduates with Dr. Robert Powell at Avila University, I studied the invasion of the Cuban Brown Anole Anolis sagrei on St. Vincent. This species has been dispersed throughout much of the tropical world by accidental transport with building materials. Our study focused on the
potential impacts that the species has on native Anoles in St. Vincent. We did not see any definitive effects, though our data suggest that in the presence of Anolis sagrei, the native Anolis trinitatis may increase its perch height.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Select Other Works

Treglia, M.L. and A. Van Slooten. 2020. Identifying opportunities to increase green roofs in NYC: where they are most needed. Living Architecture Monitor: Summer 2020 (28-31). PDF | Publication Website

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