Landscape Analysis and Modeling

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What's Due When: Schedule At A Glance

This table highlights important dates, with dates for reading discussions and dates that assignments are due. Assignments are due and paper discussions will typically be held on Thursdays. To access papers, you may need to go through the course Harvey webpage. TBA = To Be Announced; NA = Not Applicable.

Date Reading Assignment Due
Jan. 14 Wiens 1989 NA
Jan. 21 Foster et al. 2003 Assignment 1: Intro to QGIS (PDF)
Feb. 2 Montgomery et al. 2014 Assignment 2: Accessing GIS Data & Intro to R (PDF)
Feb. 9 Kelly et al. 2008 Assignment 3: Ripley's K and more in R (PDF)
Feb. 16 McIntyre and Wiens 2000 Assignment 4: Quadrat Variance Analysis (PDF)
Feb. 23 NA Take Home Exam 1
Mar. 1 Bone et al. 2013 Assignment 5 Part 1 (PDF)/Part 2 (PDF)
Mar. 8 Perez et al. 2010 Assignment 6: Autocorrelation (PDF)
Mar. 22 Kearney et al. 2010 Assignment 7
Mar. 29 Broenniman et al. 2012 Project Proposal
Apr. 5 Brehme et al 2013 Assignment 8 Part 1 (PDF) Part 2 (PDF)
Apr. 12 TBA Assignment 9 (PDF)
Apr. 19 TBA Assignment 10
Apr. 21 TBA Project Presentations
May 5 NA Take Home Exam 2